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STAMPERIA SEGRINO SRL was born in 1962 like a craft business Company, thanking his founding member Mr. Spreafico Francesco that offered his experience, aged in the field of hot forging in iron and steel, beginning from a productive line composed of a trip hammer. In 1980 the Company becomes an industrial Company and Mr. Marco Spreafico, founding member’s son, enters in the Company and took care of the production, successfully and proficiently, also thanking the continual refurbishment of the rolling stock trough the introduction of technologically advanced equipments. In 2000 the building of a new factory for production with new high-tech machinery completed the process of renewal and innovation that brought Stamperia Segrino to be leader at national level in hot forging of iron and steel.

Our mission is customer satisfaction

We decided to undertake a growth patch with our customers, from the design to the realization of the product. This is way we work with the target to reach customer satisfaction. Two are our most important target:

1° Quality of the product

Our fifty years history thought us so much, but we always question what have we done and how we did it. All our productive cycle is subjected to this process in order to rise quality of finished product, of raw material, of production, of workpiece surface treatment.

2° Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important points in every day work. This is way we are very careful in punctuality in dealing deliveries, resolution of any customer requirement. A satisfied customer is the best answer to our daily work and at the same time the target we want absolutely reach.

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