Stamperia Segrino

Since 1962 Stamperia Segrino operates to satisfy customers requirements. Stamperia Segrino makes hot-forging in iron and steel in different sectors: joint production, building trade, petrochemical, agricultural, oleodynamics, mechanics. But it is important to say that on drawing Stamperia Segrino can forge every kind of product, weight from kg. 0,100 to kg. 10,00.

A product born from experience

Experience accrued during the years and the best kind of steel used, exalt the quality of the product offered by Stamperia Segrino.

Certification of quality

Stamperia Segrino reached quality certification ISO 9001:2015.

100% customization

Every kind of product we forge completely satisfy customer requests and drawing.

Stamperia segrino: quality, reliability, punctuality

Continuos improvements at the base of Stamperia Segrino work allows to raise the level of the processes and of the forged products.

Stampaggio a caldo

Hot Forging

Processo di produzione

Production cycle

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